Funding for the PRCs was made available through adoption assistance savings. The funds are being invested in post-adoption services, kinship caregiver services and services to support positive placement outcomes for children at risk of entering foster care.

Regional Permanency Resource Centers (PRCs) will work to prevent post adoptive and post guardianship dissolutions or disruptions, will provide assistance to families so that children may be cared for in their own homes with their adoptive parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and will work to strengthen post adoptive and post guardianship families and avoid foster care or other out-of-home placements.

These Centers serve families with a newly-adopted child or those that have become guardians of a relative’s child, providing supportive services and connecting families to resources such as parent training, peer support, mentoring, navigation for cross-system needs, therapeutic services referrals, counseling, respite care or other supports to help families address issues as they arise. Regional Permanency Resource Centers help post-adoptive and post-guardianship families through the unique challenges they face following an adoption or guardianship. These families sometimes struggle and may need supports to help them avoid placing the children in foster care.

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