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Post-adoption blues expert on depression screening recommendations

Medical Express

“Mental health professionals also need to be aware of the dynamics specific to the adoptive process to best support their patients,” says Foli, who collaborates with Susan South, an associate professor of psychological sciences, and Eunjung Lim, an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii. Read more>>

Adoption Needs

Adoption Today

When we consider permanency in adoption, we must reflect on this with the understanding that permanency is not achieved simply through a court decree that says “finalized.” The impact of adoption is lifelong, with different needs and issues that may arise at various points. Read more>>

Transracial Adoption Support Systems Scarce Despite Difficulties

NBC News

Some city departments have started reaching out to Asian-American communities to foster Asian-American children, as Los Angeles County did last December. But while the majority of agencies follow MEPA’s and IEPA’s non-discrimination policies, they are not nearly as careful in following the second portion of the laws. Read more>>

Child advocates urge Massachusetts House to move on re-homing bill

Milford Daily News

After notching a victory in the Senate, child welfare advocates pushed House leadership to move forward on ending the practice of transferring adopted children into new homes outside of the legal system. Read more>>

Bill aims to ban unregulated child custody transfers, a process known as ‘re-homing’

Concord Monitor

The issue of “re-homing” is reflective of a broad issue in adoption: that parents don’t get enough support or information about a child before and after adopting, said April Dinwoodie, chief executive of The Donaldson Adoption Institute Inc. in New York. Read more>>

8 Things No One Told Me Would Happen After We Adopted


There are the assumptions about birth parents (young, promiscuous, drug users, poor), about adoptees (disturbed, lucky to be adopted, born addicted to drugs), and about parents who adopt (heroes or saviors, wealthy, unable to have biological children). Read more>>

Support for Foster Parents Means Better Lives for Foster Youth

Child Trends

Thankfully, an important shift is occurring! Child welfare agencies are going beyond recruitment to focus on recruitment and retention efforts. An important component of retention is providing support to foster families: learning what they need and connecting them with trainings that build parenting skills and confidence. Read more>>

Bipartisan House, Senate Leaders Announce Proposed Child Welfare Legislation

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR)

The Family First Prevention Services Act strengthens families by reducing the amount of time foster children wait to be adopted or placed with relatives across state lines by encouraging states to replace their outdated child placement systems with a more efficient electronic system. Read more>>

Program helps support relatives raising kids

Times-Herald Record

Ray Macur was at a golf tournament with Matt Stoddard, a buddy in the ironworkers union, in 2014, when the two came up with the idea of raising money to send RAPP kids to overnight camp. The union started fundraising, and other groups joined in. Read more>>

Bolster ‘re-homing’ solutions

Post & Courier

Last September, the federal Government Accountability Office reported that several states have already implemented laws restricting re-homing practices by criminalizing unregulated care transfers. Read more>>

Shadow Children: Putting An End To Re-Homing Adopted Children In Massachusetts


The Massachusetts State Legislature, which wraps up formal sessions on July 31, has the opportunity to close the legal loopholes that make re-homing possible in our state. Senate Bill 2050: An Act relative to the re-homing of children currently awaits action by the House Ways and Means Committee. Read more>>

An Adoption Road Map

Adoption Today

The best thing to remember about your adoption support team is that there is no such thing as too much support. Before and throughout your adoption experience, having professionals to rely on as well as a solid community of people connected to adoption is vital. Read more>>

The Senate Must Act Now to Put Families First

The Huffington Post

In otherwise contentious and turbulent times, Congress is coming together to support a fundamental American value—family. The Family First Prevention Services Act of 2016 passed the House but now faces an uncertain future in the Senate. It’s no surprise that research confirms what most people know—children fare better in families. Read more>>

Post-Adoption Resources for Foster to Adopt Families

About Parenting

Families who have adopted children from foster care often tell us that one key to success is accessing financial and medical assistance and services that support parents, children, and youth. We have compiled listings of many resources. Read more>>